Quality assurance plans

A quality system adapted to suit your requirements

Quality assurance plans enable us to adapt our quality assurance system to the requirements communicated by our customer with their order.

Aeronautics  Standard  Cardurage
A   Service meeting the requirements of standard EN/AS/JISQ9100  B   Service meeting the requirements of standard ISO 9001  C

  Service outside the certification framework

  • Configuration management
  • Risk review
  • Qualifications of sub-contractors
  • Specific quality requirements for sub-contractors
  • Specific verification of the product purchased
  • Approval of special procedures
  • Individual product traceability
  • Certificate of conformity according to NF L 00-015C
  • First article inspection
  • Notification of non-conformities for products already delivered
The standard in-house quality system is used  
  • Simplified contract review
  • No quality monitoring for purchases
  • Generic range
  • No approval through final control

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