ROCH Mécanique de précision: your machining expert

Interdisciplinary expertise in precision machining

Roch Mécanique de Précision - Décolletage, tournage et fraisage en Haute-Savoie

Machining and bar turning for different sectors

We specialise in machining and bar turning for components for use in aerospace, electronics, medical and high-stakes industries. This expertise enables us to produce precise, reliable and durable components to meet your product demands.

A certified company

ROCH Mécanique de précision has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and EN 9100 certified since 2003. With a quality-focused approach and a search for excellence, 50% of our turnover comes from key accounts in the aerospace machining industry. Machining, and in particular mass-production milling for industry, represents approximately 40% of our turnover.

Our certifications


ROCH Mécanique de précision specialises in the machining, bar turning, milling and assembly of mechanical parts. The family-run business was founded in 1965 by Jean-Michel Roch and has been managed since 1994 by Jean Michel’s son, Guy Roch. Since its foundation, the company’s directors have been careful to maintain a strong involvement in the local industrial community.

In 2019, ROCH Mécanique joined the Acrotec Group—a large internationally renowned organisation specialising in mechanics and micromechanics.

A dynamic machining and bar turning company

We use automated machines and competitive bar turning costs for medium and large batches. This trusted manufacturing process assures consistent high quality from batch to batch, ensuring that the final product is made to the highest standard.

Roch Mécanique de Précision - Tournage, fraisage de pièces industrielles

Our premises: an excellent environment for precision machining

Browse our photo gallery below to discover more about us. We operate in a clean, tidy work environment. We value good quality parts and assure the highest standard of service you can expect.