Automation of industrial processes at Roch Mécanique de précision

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The fusion between machining expertise and automation

The automation of our production and control machinery, and the use of robotics for loading and unloading, enables us to mass-produce numerous mechanical parts at competitive prices. We are able to offer the highest quality products thanks to the fusion of our robots and our precision machining experience.

Greater productivity and quality with automation

The repeatability of automation assures a reliable and high-quality product for use in industries such as aerospace and electronics. The use of automation and robotics means higher production rates that result in greater productivity and flexibility. Our engineers have developed methods that allow us to control and monitor the machining processes throughout production.

Automation for various purposes and sectors

We use automation to manufacture highly accurate components for the aerospace industry, for electronics and electrical connectors, and for components used in the medical industry.

Our robotics and automated processes

We use flexible robotic cells with Fanuc 6-axis robots. The flexibility of our automatic loader allows us to supply our machines with raw materials of various sizes. All parts handling accessories are manufactured in-house using parameterised programmes and a 3D printer. We are able to supply the machines with raw materials, with already machined parts and with machining fixtures in order to also automate the changes of production runs.

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