Impeccable expertise in aeronautics

Roch mécanique usinage pour l'aéronautique

A highly trained and skilled team, competitive machinery and a clear organisational structure are the foundations of our aeronautics expertise.

We have the technical ability to produce numerous mass-produced parts in a wide variety of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, plastic and Inconel.

n many cases, our experience allows us to fully master the cutting specifications which directly influence the surface finish.

We also have full expertise in the various heat treatments and surface treatments used in aeronautics, including:

Heat treatments :

  • Mass tempering with mechanical characteristics measured using test tubes in the laboratory.
  • Ionic and gas nitriding, Sursulf, oxynitrocarburizing …
  • Case-hardening
  • Tempering, stabilisation

Surface treatments :

  • Sulphuric acid, chromic acid and hard anodic oxidation, etc., with or without alodine 1200, 1500, surtec 650 protection, etc.
  • Cadmium coating
  • Galvanising
  • Chemical nickel plating
  • Black chromium plating
Roch Mécanique carters usinés pour l'aéronautique
Aluminium Case
Roch Mécanique pièces de tournage pour l'aéronautique
Turning Parts
Roch Mécanique pièces de fraisage pour l'aéronautique
Milling Parts
Roch Mécanique pièces usinées complexes pour l'aéronautique
Technical Parts
Roch Mécanique petites pièces de frraisage en grande série pour l'aéronautique
Series Parts