Precision machining for high-stakes industries

Our industrial machining expertise

Décolletage pour l'industrie

Machining, milling and bar turning for industry

ROCH Mécanique de précision employs a highly trained and qualified team of staff. We use competitive machines and a clear organisational structure. Our experience and expertise enable us to use precision machining to produce complex and technical parts, as well as simple parts, for high-stakes industries.

Low-volume machining for high-stakes industries

We can produce a low-volume run of components requiring milling and screw-machining to suit your requirements.

PQA and quality control

Our different levels of product quality assurance (PQA) are perfectly suited to your requirements. The automation of our production and control machinery, and the use of robots for loading and unloading, enables us to mass-produce numerous mechanical parts accurately and at competitive prices.

Heat and surface treatments for high-stakes industries

We have full expertise in numerous heat and surface treatments, including:

Heat treatments

  • Case-hardening
  • Tempering, stabilisation
  • Custom heat treatments

Surface treatments

  • sulphuric, chromic and hard anodic oxidation
  • Cadimage
  • Galvanising
  • Chemical nickel plating
  • Black chromium plating
  • Custom surface treatments
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All our field of expertise for precision machining

Electronics and connectors

We use precision machining, milling and turning to produce reliable and high-quality electrical connectors to meet your specific needs.

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Aerospace industry

We have a highly trained, skilled and qualified team of employees. Our competitive machinery and clear organisational structure are the foundations of our expertise in precision machining for aerospace.

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Medical industry

Our turning and milling processes allow us to attain the accuracy and precision you can rely on for your medical component requirements.

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