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Adapted solutions for low-volume machining

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We can manufacture parts in small batches for the production of prototypes for larger future batches. Within this framework, we will advise you on how best to optimise batch costs and reliability. Through the transparency of our technical exchanges, you will benefit from our expertise. Different approaches are possible with the direct implementation of the batch process and also with processes that are more adapted to low-volume manufacturing. Quality monitoring is also adapted to your needs according to the various stages of your project (e.g. modelling and pre-production phases after customer approval).

A company on a human scale

ROCH Mécanique de précision has 32 employees and is based in Haute-Savoie, in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region. It is integrated into a large Franco-Swiss industrial group: the Acrotec Group. The human scale of our company enables us to respond flexibly to any individual production requests, from small to large volumes. Being part of the Acrotec Group allows us to offer you the most suitable processes to manufacture your products.

Expertise in industrial processes for low-volume machining

Our expertise in low-volume machining enables us to deliver timely, reliable and cost-effective products. We can produce a low-volume series of components requiring milling, turning and bar turning to suit your requirements. The advantage of low-volume machining is that we can verify the conformity of serial parts at the beginning of the project.

Machining processes

By definition, machining consists of manufacturing a part or a series of parts from a block of material. The material in question is removed until the desired part is obtained; this is called a subtractive manufacturing method. Various processes are used, such as turning, bar turning, milling, electrical discharge machining etc., and the materials are mainly metals and plastics. The materials we use at ROCH Mécanique de précision are varied. They include aluminium, stainless materials such as AISI 304, 316, 321 etc., magnesium alloys, superalloys (titanium, Inconel, Supra 50…), copper metals or polymers.

We manufacture using various machining processes such as turning, bar turning and milling. The variety of our methods allows us to produce small and medium-sized batches with increased precision.

Parts produced in small batches are intended for various markets such as aeronautics, aerospace, electronics, connectivity, defence and medical sectors. These are the primary sectors in which the company has developed its reputation, in particular thanks to the creation of very precise parts that meet the many requirements of these sectors.

Advantages of low volume production processes

Machining processes can be used to produce small, medium or large series of parts from a single block of material. The main advantages are: the production of high-precision parts, the flexibility in the choice of materials, the types of finishes that can be applied to the parts once they have been produced (polishing, chemical treatments, brushing, etc.), the various assembly possibilities, and an excellent standard of finish.

The range of parts that we can produce is extensive, and we can configure our machines to produce very complex and detailed parts to meet precise specifications. We consider all technical and cost issues involved in the mass production of high-precision parts with intricate designs, from the very first stages of a prototype or low volume production.

Please get in touch with us for any low-volume machining requests. We look forward to working with you and using our expertise in precision mechanics to enable you to realise your projects.

Do you need to produce a low volume of parts?

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