discover our specialised machinery for precision machining

Our milling machines

Our CNC milling centres, controlled by our qualified machine operators, are equipped with various options: 3, 4 and 5-axis milling, high-speed milling, a loading robot, high-pressure water jet, tool breakage control and a smoke extractor. Our optimised and controlled processes, meticulous preparation methods and automated machines give us a competitive positioning in milling machining. Our highly automated machining centres are able to operate 24/7.

Our bar turning machines

Our turning machines are equipped with controlled thermal displacement. Unloading grippers allow us to make precise parts and ensure that there is no risk of shocks or scratches when handling them. Equipped with Mori-Seiki, Okuma and Nakamura CNC lathes, our turning centres can machine bars or billet parts with diameters of up to 250 mm.

Our lapping machines

We use Lamplan and Sunnen machines to carry out our cylindrical and flat lapping and polishing processes.

Our robotics and automated processes

We use flexible robotic cells with Fanuc 6-axis robots. The flexibility of our automatic loader allows us to supply our machines with raw materials of various sizes. All parts handling accessories are manufactured in-house using parameterised programmes and a 3D printer. We are able to supply the machines with raw materials, with already machined parts and with machining fixtures in order to also automate the changes of production runs.

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