The satisfaction of our customers is essential for us.

It is therefore with pleasure that we present to you below the Award received from the company Meggitt for our quality and delivery performance for the year 2012.

For many years we have been building an approach of excellence, the results obtained are also those of a partnership and significant collaboration with our customers. We therefore thank all of our clients’ collaborators without whom these results could not be obtained.

Initially, we are committed to the implementation of a quality system with the main objective of better controlling the conformity of our products and our organization. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and EN9100 since 2003, these commitments have positively changed the organization of the company in many areas such as information, project monitoring, the search for competitiveness, monitoring of objectives…

Tomorrow, the company will be even stronger by progressing in a dynamic and balanced way the satisfaction of all its players. That is to say: our customers, our suppliers, staff and management.

We are therefore working to constantly improve our products and services TOWARDS THE CUSTOMER in terms of:
– Conformity
– Responsiveness and respect of deadlines
– Competitiveness and cost

We also attach great importance to effective communication with:
– Anticipating risks with systematic information to customers and proposing a solution
– A desire to promote communication both internally and externally by using, where relevant, the IT channel.
– A force of proposal at the service of our customers
– The definition of product quality assurance plans (AQP) to offer the most suitable response to the requirements of our customers (to be consulted on our website)

Together, let’s intelligently build a lasting partnership