Subcontracting management

we manage subcontractors to provide you turnkey machined parts

Do you have a project needing several machining processes?

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We offer turnkey parts and subassemblies, and we manage subcontractors

All mechanical components adapted to our machines are made in our factory. However, some processes or components required for the completion of a project can be subcontracted. In this context, we guarantee to work in total transparency with our customers.

Unlimited possibilities for industrial processes and treatments

We offer surface and thermal treatments including:

  • sulphuric and chromic anodic oxidation,
  • aluminium anodizing
  • black galvanisation
  • electroplating
  • burnishing
  • electroless nickel-plating
  • hardening
  • stress relieving
  • nitriding
  • Kolsterising
  • EDM
  • deep hole drilling
  • grinding
  • water jet and laser cutting
  • thread rolling deformation
  • micro blasting and sandblasting
  • welding

We have a network of suppliers that we know well and with whom we are able to complete and deliver our service. This merging of experience means we can offer you advice to improve the functionality of your products, while evaluating the risks of the various subcontracted processes.

Subcontracting management for machining and bar turning

The management and controls of subcontracted operations or components comply with the requirements of the ISO9001 and EN9100 standards. All suppliers are monitored and audited, and their performance is evaluated.

Do you have a project needing several machining processes?

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