Roch mécanique de précision: the lapping process

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Lapping and polishing properties

Lapping and polishing are machining processes in which material is removed from a surface to create a clean and even finish. We have the expertise, the machines and the qualified staff to produce your lapping and polishing applications. The surface finish of a component is a critical factor in determining its quality level and, therefore, its performance.

In some cases, we use lapping to achieve a consistent appearance on a flat surface to meet specific requirements.

Product Quality Assurance (PQA) for lapping processes

Lapping produces delicate surface finishes and precise geometries. Our measuring equipment, combined with roughness testers and coordinate measuring machines, enables us to check the technical specifications defined for lapping operations.

Our lapping machines

We use Lamplan and Sunnen machines to carry out our cylindrical and flat lapping and polishing processes.

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